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Armed security training; armed professionals....

I just read a Orlando Florida area news item; about a female unarmed security officer who was attacked & raped by a homeless man in a downtown parking structure.
Her security co-worker(also unarmed) drove by & chased the felon off.
The subject was caught a short time later a few blocks away by Orlando patrol officers.

This event really bothers me on a # of levels.
My main point is in 2014, there are no unarmed security positions anymore. If you work security or loss prevention(asset protection) you need to be armed in some way. Some employers or sites may not allow or permit firearms. But you'd need some way to defend yourself. OC spray, impact weapons(ASP, PR24), EDWs(Tasers), something.
This event is tragic but it shows too how some property managers & CEOs don't want the "bad press" or "civil liability" of armed security officers.

I've worked in places with security staff who were risk adverse/inept. These people need to re-think if security or loss prevention is for them.
Violent criminals aren't going to stop just because you have "issues with guns" or "don't want to carry all that heavy stuff" .
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