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Of course. I can't even get my normal cats to stop chewing on us. A solid cat bite can abscess even after a run of antibiotics, my daughter's cat nailed me badly, twice in one sitting, on each hand, while trying to bathe it. The first on the right went into the web of the thumb, it had to be drained three times. The second went into index finger knuckle of left, and that joint still hurts. People talk about dogs being dangerous? A cat can shred you. The bites aren't as savage as even a little dog can inflict, but between the ripping of the claws and the giant, needle sharp canines, I'm not sure which one is really more dangerous. A normal tabby, or a dachshund.

A jaguar? haven't these people watched wild kingdom? I wouldn't mess with a large cat, I won't mess with a big dog. Pets should be animals that have been bred for that role for generations and raised by hand.
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