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Seriously? Stoegers are Brazilian crap, the worst of the worst. You'd be better off with a Huglu from Turkey.
Stoeger's inertia operation shotguns are made in Turkey in the same plant that makes Benellis. Same plant, same equipment. The management of the Turkish plant approached Stoeger and offered a modified inertia operration shotgun to Stoeger (the recoil spring system is in the forearm rather than in the butt stock like a Benelli). Quite famously, Benelli/Beretta sued Stoeger for patent infringement for selling the Stoeger 2000 and 3000 shotguns and now Benelli/Beretta owns Stoeger.
I have yet to see ANY inertia actioned shotgun used by a serious or even semi serious clays shooter.
Because the inertia system is a recoil-operated system, and recoil-operated guns kick harder than gas-operated guns. Pretty simple.
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