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The 6 pound Weatherby (Inertia Gun) was a little low for me out of the box. Shot a 17, 19, 21 during trap yesterday. Slowly elevating the aimpoint to figure it out. Will change out the shims based on what I saw and get it on the pattern board next week. Overswung a few on the first round due to the 6 pounds. I average 23.5 with my Browning, but I don't shoot more than about 500 rounds a year on the Trap field.

Had three of the kids from the HS team with me. One shooting an expensive O/U (4 rounds 68 birds) one shooting his Grandpa's Browning Pump (4 rounds, 94 birds including his first 25) and one shooting a Stoeger M3000 (Inertia, 4 rounds 93 birds).
Good Shooting, MarkCO
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