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Originally Posted by FITASC View Post
Very rare to see inertia guns on a sporting course during serious competition mostly because they are typically lighter than a gas or O/U and they do not like to function with low recoil ammo(factory or handloads). It isn't that they can't be used; and if that is what you have, then go ahead and use it. That said, if I am shooting a semi, it will be my Beretta smurf gun with a little added weight
I agree with you. Not able to perform with Very light loads and weight seem to be the reason so many other guns get bashed on gun forums. In real life, at least where I live, you have a lot of shot gunners. But the vast majority are Hunters and not elite trap shooters. At my local club we have a trap and skeet range. It very seldom even gets used. I have been a member for many years and know and have many friends with the club, but really do not know any of the Clay shooters. They have their own thing seem to live in a different world and mostly do not use the range except during competition. I guess they may shoot other places, but not sure.(maybe our range is not good enough for them?) I personally wish we have used the space and equipment of the Skeet range for more space for other firearms. Most of the shot gunners are at the regular Rifle ranges to pattern with Buckshot, Turkey loads and Slugs.
And yes, we see guns that on gun forums, that maybe you might not want to mention , like a like Mossberg 88's to Single Shot shotguns.
However we do not see many guns in the $$$$$ range. (I am sure there are many on competition days) Personally they do not interest me, any more than a $ shotgun interest them. Each to his own

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