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Originally Posted by Virginian View Post
I have yet to see ANY inertia actioned shotgun used by a serious or even semi serious clays shooter.
So what is your point?

Was not suggesting either of these for the clay sports. Inertia guns DOMINATE 3Gun, which is where I use my Benelli the most. The Weatherby is to be used for mostly Dove and upland birds. I use a Browning mostly for the Clay Sports. Only shoot a pump with a fixed choke at Trap when I have a kid whining that he won't ever get past 20 without a $3K shotgun.

That said, my two boys have made All-State every year and the oldest not only Won a State Title, but was offered a College Scholarship...using an inertia gun. If you can shoot, you can shoot.
Good Shooting, MarkCO
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