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Originally Posted by HiBC View Post
The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) has a program simiar to what you describe in place.

Its a mail in your targets competition. I'm not telling you this to steal your thunder....But benchmarking their program might give you ideas. Or,signing on to a working program might save you a lot of work.

Look at "Aces Postal"

Targets? Folks sure can create targets to suit sighting systems or preferences.

I think you may discover you can't please all the people all the time.

Using standard targets would seem to help your shooters develop skills to standard. The word "Relevance" comes to mind.Communication is easier.

I understand the black bull can be difficult to center hold with a post front sight. A 6 Oclock hold works pretty good. So does a globe front sight with aperture.The 10 ring on a 50 ft target is the dia of a 22 bullet.A lot of juniors
mostly shoot 10's.
But you do it your way!
I'm not looking for a genuine competition, more just a place for newer to show off a bit. It's all just for fun, and as a engaging branding tactic for my YouTube channel.
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