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I think a square/diamond offers a more definitive aiming point(s) than any type of circular target for a scope With a scope, the four corners are easily targeted , provided the square and border are large enough, especially so of the square/target is canted into a diamond. One has to guess, so to speak, where the center of a white bull is actually located. I'm thinking a four inch square, a 1 inch wide black border with a 3 inch white center.

For iron sights, for me, much depends on the type of front sight, ie, bead or blade. A square sets much easier on top of post front. I find a bead centers easier on a circular bullesye. I do not have any of the specialized circular front sights, used with a peep, that ring the black of a bullseye target, but suspect the visual "process" is the same, centering a round aiming point with a round front sight.

Where does that leave us? To get all of that on one target might look thus. A normal 8-1/2 x 11 sheet of paper will offer enough surface area to print the 4" diamond as described, and a 4" circular bull, side x side, or vertically. I'm thinking the circular target may need a two inch black border and a two inch white center, but that is purely speculation.

I'll mention that Elmer Keith devised a square target for sighting in iron sighted handguns, the square matching the width of his flat topped front post. He made up rubber stamps (remember those?) and cranked them out by hand with an ink pad. I always meant to do it but never did. For scope shooting, he stamped the squares canted into a diamond.
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