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How does it work with a dummy cartridge. With the hammer dropped, can you pull the action open easily with a dummy cartridge in the chamber?

If not, how clean is the chamber? You need a chamber brush to scrub it out and did the gunsmiths do that?

Did the gunsmiths who "worked on it" strip it down and clean the gas action?

We were taught how to work on them at school. I don't know if that firearm is still included in Firearms Repair II anymore though.

The 742 was designed for the shotgun hunters who wanted to deer hunt. It was meant to be a seasonal gun and not an all year round firearm that was to be used heavily. Hence the receiver is fabricated of soft steel. There was a hardened steel rail inserted into the top of the receiver as a bearing surface, but once the rest of the receiver is worn, it's toast. However, I suspect the issue here is related to the gas system.
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