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I'm truly grateful I dismissed advice similar to yours ,relied on my own judgement and was not helpless when faced with this 6 foot 6 in nose to tail predatory old boar black bear. I had my Win 97 12 ga and my Ruger SBH.
Well, good thing you ignored the tree-huggers who say you only need a bit of bear spray.

I would carry if legal--no exception--I grew up in the Alaskan bush, and you would be an idiot not to carry, due to bears and being in a total remote location. Now i live in Ga,and often hike/scout for hunting-i still carry.You never know what is going to happen in the wilderness--period. Be prepared.
Wise insight right there. Pay attention, Bucky.
I use the Jake Brake every chance I get.
Don't care if it annoys you.
Hear me now?!
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