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As I mentioned, we do not have bear attacks where I live and yet a large bear population.
Interesting to see the studies of Bear attacks on the Applacian Trail, where there are always people, and People with food etc. Yes, the have had attacks, but the odds are 1 in 3 million.
Muders by humans is also very low.

Most people will die from Heart Attacks, Lightening, Falls etc. Yes, I carry a Revolver
snubbie when spending time in my explorations of the woods, Swamps and Forrest like i have done since a young Boy. Necessary. No, just provides peace of mind.

"However, as the statistics stand, there’s roughly 1 fatal attack every 8-10 years. The ATC claims nearly 3million visited the trail this year, this means that nearly 1 in 24-30million chance you will be involved in a fatal bear attack."

I do not have any worries about A predator Black Bear, or the Predator Water Moccasin that seeks out humans. I do have worry about LYME DISEASE much more. I have more concern about being taken OUT by a Text messaging driver on the way to the Swamps etc.

I stay out of places that I find more dangerous. I will not go into Chicago, Balitmore DC etc. or the local hood. The chances of being killed in Chicago are 100 times higher for example.
I do not camp in public camp grounds.The swamps/Woods/Forrest are the safest places on earth to me. And as far away from humans the safer they are.

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