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I would (almost) sell my soul to the devil (not really) to be able to holster a SA revolver like Alan Ladd does in the movie " Shane" after the big shootout with Wilson , Ryker and Ryker's brother ... I just watched it again on wikipedia... Man that is one slick move looks like a forward spin then a back spin right into the holster ...S L I C K !!!
I bought a Ruger Wrangler , tried to do a simple spin ...but man it looks a lot harder than it is ... I need someone to show me basic's ... a little talent wouldn't hurt either .
I tried a simple spin while standing over the bed ... in case it falls , nothing gets hurt . The Wrangler is 4 3/4 " SA almost the size of a Colt .
Good luck Southpaw54 ... it's a challange !
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