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Militec-1 Round 1

Took three guns to the range this evening. Ruger 22/45, Kel-Tec P-3AT, and a CZ-52.

All three guns had been degreased, treated with Militec-1, and heated in an old toaster oven to "cure" the parts. I also used the tiniest dab of Militec-1 grease on the rails of the P-3AT and the CZ-52. After the initial treatment all three guns were noticeably more slick in operation but especially the CZ-52.

Ruger 22/45 (150 rounds fired).
I'm absolutely dieing to put a better trigger in this pistol, regardless of that the gun functioned flawlessly and smoothly. A simple run through with a boresnake left it clean enough for my tastes afterwards. Breakfree has always required me swabbing out the chamber but it didn't seem nearly as gooked up after this shooting session.

P-3AT (50 rounds fired)
Similar deal. The gun functioned flawlessly and seemed far less dirty than it has always been after a shooting session where Breakfree was used. An interesting thing I noticed is that the barrel and slide seem even more slippery than they did before. Possibly the heat of firing caused the Militec-1 to "cure" even further? I don't know for certain what the cause is but the barrel (and the slide where it was heated by the hot barrel) now have that same "greasy wax paper" feel that the SIG has (which is what started this whole adventure.)

CZ-52 (100 rounds fired)
Um, WOW! After 60ish rounds the CZ was getting pretty hot so I took a break. If the extra heat caused more "curing" for the P-3AT then the effect went double for the CZ-52! The barrel, locking rollers, recoil spring (which wraps around the barrel), and all of the friction surfaces in the slide now feel like "greasy waxed paper" even though they were essentially dry of lubricant. After letting it cool a bit I shot the remaining rounds with no issues.

At this point it is the slickest operating CZ-52 I've ever felt, it even seems to have improved the trigger somewhat (though this may just be my enthusiasm speaking). The CZ was also an absolute breeze to clean up (I shoot corrosive surplus so a water cleanup is a must) and even after the parts still felt slick/greasy smooth.

At this point all of these guns have been fired, cleaned up, and left "dry" (I added no more lubricant). Working the mechanisms they all still feel freshly oiled. This Militec-1 stuff is amazing so far!

Will post more as the testing continues.

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