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There's a reason why it's not imported much into the USA which is probably because we have more alternatives.
Plus it's expensive for its level of performance.

Your best bet is to contact one of the manufacturers US subsidiaries to see if they plan on receiving any shipments and then to ask how to procure some.
Other than that, another option would be to find an ammo importer who would be willing to obtain some for you from their European sources.

But again, the price of the ammo is so expensive to begin with, that you probably wouldn't want any if you learned how much it would actually cost you.

Why not consider a .22 revolver or rifle that can shoot the low powered rimfire rounds that are available and affordable in the US?

Or an air rifle or air pistol that operates on compressed air or CO2?
A .31 cap & ball revolver or a muzzle loading parlor pistol are other options.

You can also keep your eyes open for public internet auctions where some may pop up from time to time.
But even then, lots of ammo are often auctioned off in bundled assortments.

If no outfit intends to import any in the near future, it may simply be because there's very little demand for it.

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