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Don't buy something cheap. You will hate it and then go back and buy the expensive one..."BUY ONCE, CRY ONCE!"

So get the best can you can buy for the 9mm and them if you need another pistol. an buy one for that and buy the best can for that caliber.

Nothing does everything the best!

A 9mm can does better for 9mm than a 45 or 40 can
So do the right thing and get good/the best gear. If you have to save up for a bit extra, SO IT bc it's worth it in the long run!!!! Yeah you will pay more but you WILL have it for LIFE and they will last that long bc you will bc buying the best products bc you will be saving up to get the good stuff.

SAVE UP & DO NOT GET BARGIN CRAP. Get the best bc the will sound the best, most of the time have lifetime warranties, and will last more rounds that you will ever shoot through them.
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