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Good link hounddawg, I definitely like what he’s doing there!

I’ve been tossing this around today after my previous post... American Tactical makes the Omni Hybrid in 410 2 1/2 chamber with proprietary mags, bolt, and gas system... pretty much the whole upper receiver. (AR-15 platform) Neat thing about the lower receiver is it will accept and run any mil-spec upper... it’s a standard lower receiver! In this platform, we would be safe running standard pressure slugs through a custom rifled barrel in place of the factory barrel.

With my thoughts going down that road, we can obviously use the AR platform with high pressure loads. Since a standard lower receiver can be used to feed 2 1/2” shells, proven by the Omni Hybrid and the 410 mags already available, I don’t see why couldn’t hot rod a 410 brass shell and use a custom upper receiver and bolt design to get a high performance shotgun running say 35,000 psi. That is, unless primer integrity becomes an issue.

One issue with this idea is how to determine the gas port location on the barrel. A .458 SOCOM runs a max pressure of 35,000 PSI so I imagine I could copy the gas port location from a 458 SOCOM with a similar barrel length, and run an adjustable gas block to help fine tune the gas system.

Thoughts anyone?

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