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"...Browning Citori..." What model? A new CXS' MSRP is $2189. Goes up according to the stock. Adjustable combs and ports. With both MSRP is $2659.99. Give you an idea. Very much doubt you'll pay anywhere near that for a refinishing job.
"...might save me waiting time and money..." Highly unlikely. Anybody doing bluing will be busy as not many places do it. Hot bluing needs a special room with no other ferrous metals in it due to the salts that get into the air and rust everything.
Hot bluing is kind of an art form. The results are based almost entirely on the amount of polishing done before the thing goes in the tanks. All of it is done completely by hand. As in a guy standing in front of a polishing wheel.
Refinishing a stock is hand done too.
Oh and if you just send the gun, you'll pay for the disassembly time. Doing the disassembly yourself can save some money. Maybe some time too.
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