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Assuming it is cosmolin dripping out, the best method I have tried is to sun bake it.

First is to wrap the whole stripped stock with old newspaper or paper towel. Everywhere including the barrel channel. The paper must make direct contact with the wood. It is utmostly important. When the oil oozes out of the wood, it needs to be wigged away, or it just go right back into the wood.

Second is to place the wrapped stock in a black trash bag. Leave it inside a car parked under hot sun, preferably barrel channel downwards.

Keep baking it for a week or so. Change out soaked paper every few days or so.

It is a good thing to do to remove non-polymerized oil from wood. It weakens wood fibers. Polymerizing oil, such as tung oil, is different thing.

I was amazed how much oil I managed to extract out of a Yugo sks stock.


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