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What is expensive

What is more expensive, buying a car for 10k driving it for 10 yrs to sell it for 1k or buying a 10k machine gun driving it for 10yrs and selling it for 20K.

1986 Tommy guns were $450 each 10 at a time, MACs were a bit more at around $200.

Now money a Tommy gun is around $17,000 and Macs are $3500 so which guys made the best investment, those who bought tv stereo and computer gear or those who bought an item that there is limited supply for but new people shopping for every day.

Maybe you can afford not to own machine guns, but I can not.

That being said only machine guns are price inflated by the ban. Sawed off shotguns, silencers, rifles with short barrels, grenade launchers, mortars cannons are still current production items and much cheaper in dollars but only an investment in fun rather than a return of financial profit later.
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