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Jacsd1, first of all, you're talking about two different guns. They won't be the same as far as chamber spec's simply because the Win 1885 is made to exact SAAMI specs and the Ruger gives you a bit more throat to work with. I know this because I own a Win (Miroku) 1885, and I've owned a number of other 45-70 single shots. Since you're shooting single shots, crimping/cannelures are not really overly significant. Just seat the bullet so that it's a couple of thou off the lands if you like, or use the cannelure regardless of the coal. It's not a problem if it's a bit longer/shorter than the book calls out as long as it chambers in the gun without having to use the lever to "cam" it in to close. FWIW, this is the least fussy cartridge I've ever loaded for. My Win 1885 will shoot several different loads sub 1moa at 100 yards. I have NEVER gotten the lighter bullets (350g or less) to shoot as well as the ones 400g and up. They shoot well, but just not as good. I have pages of data on file for different bullets and powders/powder charges I've tried at the bench to support this. Most all long range competitors use bullets close to, or over 500 grains. They just shoot better. IMR4198 or H4198 are two excellent powders, and one of the best in my gun (a call to Hodgdson will confirm you can interchange data between these two. I called). You will find that the Win 1885 may have a problem chambering the longer/heavier bullets. This is common. I took my gun to Turnbull and had them run a reamer in it to their specs and it will now chamber even the heaviest, longest bullets. You can always seat the bullet deeper to get it to fit as long as you're shooting Trapdoor loads where pressure is low. I shoot them all the time anyway. They are super accurate and I have yet to recover even one from a deer I've shot. Even the Trapdoor loads just breeze right through the biggest whitetail. If you have any specific questions or would like further info, send me a PM and I'll let you know what I've learned about this cartridge. I've owned 1885s, 1886s, Sharps, and a TC in this caliber. It's probably my favorite to shoot.
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