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45/70 questions

Hey everyone. I am still new at reloading but do have a few calibers under my belt.
I am starting to load 45/70 for use in a ruger #1 & a winchester 1885 high wall. Both are modern single shot.
I am loading 350gr fmj with a crimp grove.
Using H4198 powder
Case length is 2.105
all load data for the c.o.l. Is 2.545 or 2.550.
This gives me two issues.
1. When I seat the bullet to 2.545 it does not even come close to the crimp grove.
2. Trying to chamber a round at this length doesn’t come close either. An empty case at 2.105 will seat fine. With bullet will only chamber at c.o.l. 2.465. Witch is at the proper location of crimp grove.
So my question is how will this change in seating depth affect the pressures.
Any advice would be helpful. Thanks.
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