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“Chinese food/dominos/little Caesars/takeout” Force on Force?

I got to thinking about how most takeout restaurants look vaguely similar (counter, few tables and chairs on the sides and people behind the counter and a kind of line there). I got to thinking about how one might respond to a threat in this environment and the unique situation it space, close proximity, food/money/drink in your hands. The threat may come from behind you as you are in the front of the line. Your target may very easily have someone behind them as well. You may have to get physical first to clear a weapon (if forced).

What would be some suggestions you might give to training for this kind of event? Any force on force drills? Or individual practice drills that might help? I know one thing I will start doing is not keeping a bag ON my wrist, and then of course I need to train dropping stuff and then drawing. Feel free to analyze...just curious what is out there for this particular situation.

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