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I never cared for them and counciled my clients to avoid them. If the spine is hit, the results are instant. The spine is only inches wide though. A close to the spine hit will drop the animal but after the shock, will often rise and escape. A fellow guide shot a huge mule deer buck in the neck last year. It went down but was gone by the time he got to the site. After hours of tracking it went unrecovered. I have seen maybe 6 to 8 neck shots fail to kill and have the animal escape including a deer I shot in my youth. I know it was shot in the neck as I saw it later in the day with a huge bloody stain on its neck, I didnt have a gun with me when I saw it latter in the day. The heart and lungs are bigger targets, more leathal, and more forgiving if the shot is a little off, so why shoot anywhere else?
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