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Originally Posted by Onward Allusion View Post

Use whatever grip style and stance that gets you the most accuracy in the shortest amount of time that minimizes your silhouette . Strong hand, weak hand, weaver, modified weaver, one hand, two hand, thumb forward, overlapping thumbs, tea cup...etc. Don't over think. Do what works for you.
Yeah I strongly agree with this. Man do what works for you (safely). And that goes for the type of gun as well. Don't get me wrong, I believe there are proven techniques, proven weapons, and proven types of ammunition that are best for self defense. Not everyone stands in the batter's box the same and holds the bat the same. But as long as you are comfortable and producing hits that's what it is all about. I've seen men and women shooters so confused because they have 15 different shooters swearing to them their way is correct. As long as it is safe, develop what produces hits for you. I have seen shooters at different matches that stand like they have a musculoskeletal disorder, but they are winning while the ones who didn't win stand around and talk about the winners strange stance or the way they hold their gun.
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