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This Dan Wesson was my first center fire handgun:

Purchased with money I made cutting yards my, Dad filled out the 4473 In September of 1975 (I was 12 years old).

In 1979 I sent it to an “authorized” Dan Wesson service center for reblue and new stocks (aggressive cleaning and repeated holstering and upholstering had taken its toll on the finish ).

At that point it had 45000 rounds through it (99% of those were my hand loaded 148 grain wad cutters at a cost of $2.50 per hundred).

I don’t shoot it much anymore and have had several opportunities to sell it but it being my first centerfire I can’t part with it.

It is still the most accurate revolver I own.

At 25 yards (with 12 year old eyes) off sandbags it would easily group six rounds of my target loads into a group that you could cover with a paper 22 LR box.
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