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Dan Wesson 15-2 VH

Many years ago a friend had a complete DW set, with 4 barrels, suitcase and accessories and sold it without even mentioning it (some friend he..).

A year ago I saw this DW set at the LGS. No case or accessories, not even the wrench. However a very good customer had reserved it (still hasn’t paid it as of today, so I might still get it in the end).

Now a guy I was discussing with about other weapons (Makarov and AKs) offered this gun for $ 545. I bought it, thinking I could flip it if / when I find a complete set.

I believe it was made in 1992. It came with the combat grip and a second 8” barrel, which has some corrosion flecks.

Same LGS did the transfer for free, offered to fix the 8” barrel and gifted a standard grip he had laying around. Pretty nice guy I’d say, I bought a lot from him, but still, not many LGS will be that gracious.

It shoots a bit high for me even with the rear sight bottomed out, but produced this very good group at 25 m offhand

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