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AL gobbler season 2021-comments

Somehow I managed to post the same stories twice, the accounts of 11-12April, sorry 'bout that.

Geezer, I will check on Twain's "Deceitful Turkey" and advise. I can't recall reading it, but somehow it seems familiar. Short story?, Hope you and your pal get to hunt a lot and hear lots of gobbles. I would agree that a 20 ga. with #6 lead is a 40 yd gun at best and closer much better. I stopped shooting #6 lead some time ago when my supply of 12 ga Activ shot shells (remember them?) ran out. Activ had a 2-1/4 oz lead #6 load in the 3" shell which shot quite well in my gun, as did their 2-1/4 oz load of #5. Those 2-1/4 oz loads were probably slow from my 21" barrel, but the patterns were good. I even have a partial box of Federal 3"-2 oz loads of #7-1/2 (which is a virtual cloud of shot!) with which I have killed a few gobblers over decoys, but I think far to small for use as a GP turkey. These days my go to GP turkey load is the Win XR Longbeard 12ga, 3" , 1-3/4 oz of #5 lead. It shoots almost too tight from my guns. I have a small supply of the Win XX 1-3/4, #5 high speed load as well, and will load it late in the season when the leaves come out full, or in controlled setups over decoys. Seems 10 yrs or so ago, the NRA American Hunter, or possibly the Rifleman magazine ran a very good article on lead turkey loads, that corresponded with the release of the Win XX loads, and I became a fan of the XX and later, the even better XR at that time. Seems they shot gel and some type of bone or simulated bone, and determined some numbers for how far certain shot sizes would do well. Lead #6 did not look too good in their tests.

Okay, so I took today off, slept in, mowed the lawn and performed several other tasks that have been put off for turkey hunting. Alabama has a 5 bird limit, so if I'm fortunate enough to shoot another one, I'm done. I need to be selective too, I don't really want to shoot another jake. I also need to lean on bamaboy to hunt with his Dad! I've got a friend who wants to tag along one morning too. Doc appts tomorrow, so I likely won't hunt then either. Today is quite pretty, I may slip off and listen for roosting turkeys on the WMA this evening, it's just too nice out.
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