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Alabama 2021 season continues

4April-Easter Sunday, church and family

5April-Having heard multiple birds on the Little Lease my last hunt, I'm back again this morning. As the birds seemed to be on the N. side of Lick Hollow (readers will recall I had to coax my gobbler down one side, across a creek, and up my side), this time I come in on from the N. side, and out another trail that also has a food plot on its terminus, call it the Red Field, ( the deer shoot house is red, go figure?) I hope to repeat Saturdays action, but am starting on the same side where I believe the birds will be. I set out decoys and the popup blind. At dawn I hear 3 different birds, but all to the N. and N.W., nothing near me, or anywhere close to where the birds were on Sat. I hold tight, staying with the dekes and blind, thinking there must be birds closer, but nothing shows. I stick it out 'till 11:00AM, calling sporadically with out results.

6April- Back on the Little Lease. Since the birds were to the W., N.W, yesterday, I elect to hunt farther in that direction, and stay afoot. I can only take so much blind/decoy hunting. At dawn, in classic turkey frustration style, birds are gobbling in the area where I was the day before! I backtrack, drop down thru a rocky ravine to arrive in Lick Hollow, but the birds are gone, off the lease and out into the pasture and private property. I set up in one of the wider, more open sections of the narrow hollow and call blindly 'till about 11:00, but no responses. As I'm leaving, I slip along the creek edge, half looking for gobbler tracks in the sand, and half looking for arrowheads. I don't go 30 ft and can see a distinct red triangle in about a foot of water, laying alone and easily seen from 6-7 feet away. I retrieve a very nice red point, about 1-1/2 inches on each side, perfectly triangular. The stem seems to be cracked off, but it is still a very nice piece and the days highlight! I will rename this hollow Arrowhead Hollow for my narratives!

7April- Tired of the Little Lease, I hunt the Big Lease instead, and at dawn I am on the ridge adjacent Big Hollow, the area where I took bird#1 for this year. I don't hear a stinking thing, even though I felt sure the morning of my kill here a week ago, there were 3 birds gobbling. I see no veh or footprints to indicate that it's been hunted since the weekend either, as a storm washed the area clean in the interim. I quit at 10:00AM and beat it home and to town to eat with the "Lunch Bunch" .

8April-It storms like crazy at dawn, and I sleep in and get some much needed rest. That afternoon I go out on the Little Lease and set up on the Red Field. Maybe the high wind will drive the birds into Arrowhead Hollow and I can coax one up onto this food plot before they roost. In a fit of nostalgia, I take my old Lynch Championship boxcall, and a Savage 16 ga doublebarrel made in 1949. The old double is not choked right for a turkey gun (IC/MOD) , but I've experimented with loads, and if I can get a gobbler to 30-35 yds, he will be in big trouble with the modified barrel. I set the dekes out at 20 paces and settle in, calling sporadically, but nothing shows. At dusk, I ease out to the hollow lip and owl call, and the second attempt yields a burbling gobble from the bottom of the hollow to the west. I recognize the throaty gobble as the dominant bird I've been keeping tabs on since before season, I've even seen him twice. Problem is, he's roosted on pvt property,and he will make a beeline tomorrow AM to the pasture, also out of bounds for me. I can only hope he continues to survive and I can catch him some morning without hens later in the season and call him up, or, there is a chance I can cut him off from his favored roost some evening, but it would be a tricky walk out in the dark, there's no easy way in or out of there. I suppose that'st why he's taken up residence!

9April-Wanting a change of scene, I head for "Irish Ridge" on the Big Lease. Very infrequently do I not hear turkeys on that ridge, and over the years have killed 6 or 7 there. I drag my heels a bit in the AM, and upon arrival, there sets another hunters truck. Well, I deserve it, in gobbler hunting, the early bird gets the worm, and I'm a tad late. I whip a U-turn, pound the old Bronco out across the club, and head out onto Big Hollow once again. And again, for the second AM here, nothing happens. I work the crow call occasionally for two hours, but no gobbles. I can hear a lot of real estate from this ridge too, some of it on the lease, alot of it in the distance, but I hear absolutely not one turkey peep. Ah well, you'll have years like this. I stay 'till 8:00, and following a hunch, drive out to Irish Ridge, and the guy's gone. Not wanting to trace his footsteps, I access the area from another angle, and sit quitely from a high point, resting and working the crow call a bit and....nothing. I leave at's one of those years it seems!
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