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2021 continues

Redneck: I've done these accounts the past few years, the search function should let you find and read them if you'd like. Some years are better than others.

31March-Rained out, went to town, ate lunch w/ good friends.

1April-Purposefully slept in, then made an "armed recon" on a section of public land about 9:00AM. I've heard several gobblers from afar here, but not sure where the boundary lines are, or how to get in there. I crash thru a 1/4 mi of cutover and come out in moderately open woods, and clamber up to the ridge top and walk right into some hens on the old roadway on top. Well....there's turkeys here, that's for sure. I sit for an hour, then move in their direction last seen, and call a bit, but no response. Worth a try anyhow. I start walking again, and promptly run into the state boundary. Pvt land beyond, and I do not have permission to hunt there. I work along the boundary as best I can, but it's clear the better timber and turkey woods are the pvt property beyond. I'll have to see about permission, I know a few families in the area, maybe something will click. Crash back to the Bronco, home about 3:00, tired and footsore. Highlight of the day, ...I found a shed antler, weathered, not spectacular, but any one happens to find are always special.

2April-Back into the Big Hollow area to try for those other toms that were there on the morning of my kill. It's darn cold, but at least the first two hours or so of daylight were still, then the wind came up. I didn't hear or see any turkeys, actually kind of surprised. A mangy coyote came ambling past as I eased out one ridge...he's probably looking for turkeys too! I suppose I could have shot him, but I'd rather kill a tom than a coyote, and held off for fear of spooking any birds in the area. On the way home, from my vehicle, I spot a flock of about 10 birds with multiple toms out in a pasture. I cannot hunt the pasture, but a lease I'm in is adjacent and holds possiblities.
I may hunt there tomorrow!
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