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Originally Posted by rickyrick View Post
Sure, I don’t disagree with anything you said, but compared to the cost of the ammunition needed to shoot out a barrel, the actual cost of the barrel is negligible by comparison.

I also think that someone who has accuracy in mind for a particul!ar rifle, probably won’t be doing mag-dumps with it either.

I the OP can meet their needs easily with $1000

I have had great luck with AeroPrecision
Me too on Aero, their M4E1s are just outstanding, right down to the charging handle just very well done..

Agree - seems to take a good $3000 in ammo to wear out a barrel in 5.56 and even the fairly expensive barrels are only 10% of that cost.

I have both classes of rifles but usually I'm reaching for the high volume short range versions when I go shoot. Is just more fun for me I guess.
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