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Big hands are best suited to big revolvers, anything smaller and the grip may be too scimpy.

I would have suggested a .357 because of versatility, but if you want a .45 ACP revolver I see nothing wrong with that at all.
The .45 ACP revolvers can also use the .45 Autorim cartridge, which doesn't require half moon clips.

With recent government orders for new 1911 pistols, and huge quantities of .45 ACP in stock plus new contracts for ammo, there should never be a shortage of surplus milspec .45 ACP.

Theres also a very wide range of handloading components for this cartridge.

A Colt DA revolver can become worn , especialy becoming loose at the crane if abused, but a decent pistol smith can tighten them up.
Mainsprings are high quality and not heavily stressed.

The S&W revolvers don't show looseness as obviously, and soldier on despite rediculously high round counts.
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