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MT will be high and dry, it will not feel like the same temperature back east. Still, 5 degrees is cold. Get some good woolies and GoreTex, no problem. And a good warm wool cap and gloves. The biggest thing in the high plains is to stop the wind, it will wear you down faster than anything else.
Hi Scorch, I'll be at about 7000 feet. They are calling for snow several days, but you are right it usually doesn't amount to all that much.
I was in there about 6 years ago and it was 20 below the first night, but warmed up. Looks like it will be chilly all week this trip.

The thing is the elk are usually on top and we have to ride up early, hunt on foot, and ride back to camp.
If the wind is bad part of it will be too nasty to hunt. But, that might get the elk moving down. We'll see.
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