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hogdogs: Next is a question... Where did you find 00 buck in a 20 gauge shell?
Wait... maybe it's not 00... my uncle next door gave it to my little brother when he sold his 20ga and that's what I was told it was. Just took a shell out and it appears to be something smaller... can't make out the size but it has 20 pellets.

CWPinSC: Clearing a house is EXTREMELY dangerous, even for professionals. Don't do it if at all possible. If you must, PRACTICE and practice some more until you have the routine down pat. Get a VERY bright tac flashlight. Take a tactical handgun course or two. I'd ditch the rifle, too. A long gun can easily be grabbed by a BG as you round a corner from room to room. You could use a short-barrel shotgun, and a handgun would be even better.
I'm a year plus a little from getting my first handgun(s) and CCW (thinking about a 686 SSR for kicks and a P7M8 for carry), the only handgun in the house was a Smith 22A... even if it had been something bigger than a .22 I wouldn't have grabbed it because I've seen it jam more than any other gun in my life. I have an AK (16" ish barrel) and I either keep it lowered while rounding a corner or take the corners as wide as I can. I feel fine with it downstairs because as I said it is very open air downstairs in our house. I'm actually very comfortable with this gun, I've practiced quite a bit with it. Not too worried about overpenetration either because my neighbors are cows... literally ... and I shoot off of my back porch every now and then.

I know clearing isn't ideal but my brother and I were cornered in the living room sitting in front of a 42" Plasma TV... not exactly how you avoid an intruder.

Kyo: tell him what happened and then ask to have access to the weapons in the house. can't really do anything else after that. Set up some walk away deterrents so you can feel some peace of mind
Actually it's the other way around, my parents have no guns (something I'm trying to change) and my brother and I have them all.

Terry A: Any reason for somebody to want to target you, your family or house? Any disputes with somebody? Did lots of people know your parents were away? It may have been somebody specifically tageting your hme
Edit: My mom is a realtor which is kind of a cutthroat business but she's usually the one getting screwed over, not the other way around. She probably told most of the people she's showing houses to that she would be out of town but usually when she meets a sketchy buyer I hear something about it. Thanks for the advice, I think I'll pass on the zombie movies for at least a few weeks though.
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