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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Hueco:
I love reloading more and more all the time.[/quote]

Hueco I agree with you! I have been reloading since 1963 and each time I seem to learn something new and it is fascinating! Being real careful dose not hurt either. In that long time reloading the only problem that I ran into was once I loaded up 100 rounds of 158 grain HP's in my .357 Magnum (S&W Mod 28) with a load that I had always used. It was ''warm'' (right up to max) but not overly ''hot''. The first round that I fired felt ''hotter'' than it should have. I should have stopped right then and there, and checked, however I fired the other 4 in the cylinder. Extraction was ok but upon looking at the primers there was no doubt that the load was way too hot. The primers were flattened more than I had ever seen, and they were flowing back into the firing pin hole. CEASE FIRE!!!!. Upon returning home and dismantling a few rounds the problem became clear. Somehow the safe ''warm'' load that I was using was not what I had loaded. I had loaded 2 grains OVER that safe load. How? I don't know. Careless or inattentive I guess. Evidently I set the scale 2 grains high, matched the powder measure to that reading and got after it! I do check measure against the scale every 10 rounds or so but if the scale is set wrong it will not catch the error. Thanks to Smith for building a strong revolver and thanks to Remington for good brass and primers.
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