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About a year ago, I ran out of my usual CCI primers, went to the local sporting goods store and asked for small rifle primers. They were out of CCI's so the clerk handed me some Remington "5 1/2" rifle primers. I asked him if they were "small rifle primers" and he said yes they were. Nowhere on the box did the word "small" appear. I just didn't "feel" right and my reloading manual did not list Remington primers. Tried to call Remington and was banished to voice-mail hell. So I called Speer - got a real person who said they are magnum primers. Here comes the punch line, "Just start at the suggested starting load, use the magnum primers, and work the load up. It works with all magnum primers." Info direct from Speer (and we do know they know their stuff - as does Mal.) Happy loading
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