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About 15 years ago, when my Uncle, a retired US Marine, told me he wanted a HD/SD revolver for his new FL home, I went down there & took him to a gunshop/range that rented handguns & sold reloads.

I had him "try" 3 or 4 different autoloaders and 4 different revolvers - all major brand names in excellent "used" condition.

Since we were "buying", the funshop only cheaged us the rental fee for a single handgun instead of 8 - but we paid for the ammo.

Of them all, my Uncle selected an M-65 Smith, just like yours - except that I gifted him a set of Crimson trace grips for it.

They were/ARE excellent revolvers, well worth having - a gem, indeed.

That sighting setup, BTW, is usually referred to by S&W as "fixed sights".

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