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I Try to shoot trap every weekend and since i got a semi-auto i have been meaning to try doing some skeet shooting.

I havent been shooting trap that long but im not bad at it, I started shooting with a winchester pump 20 gauge and did ok then bought an old 1968 winchester 1400 mkii 20 gauge (got it real cheap cause no one wants a 20 gauge) and i do pretty well with it, aiming to beat my best of 21 out of 25, I think that with a 12 gauge I could definitely improve a lot more, so thats next on my list.

Anywho, i am somewhat of a regular at the range i go to, and a couple a-holes have criticized my cheap old shotguns, and thought i was an idiot for buying cheap federal ammo from wal-mart, but i don't really care, its just a fun thing to do on the weekends that i enjoy a lot, and to be honest, i shoot better then 50 percent of guys sporting a 12 gauge over-under that probably cost over a grand, and i do it with a 20 gauge!

When I am at the range, i do judge people not based on their gun but how safe they are and their technique and how they handle their shotgun, I have seen some real retards trying to shoot, failing to point the gun downrange at all times, stuff like that, and those are the people you have to watch out for, and sometimes they are holding expensive guns as well!
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