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I do... kinda.

If some guy shows up on the skeet or trap range with a tacticool shotgun. I tend to keep and eye on them to see if they know what theyre doing. If they dont, depending on their demeanor, I may offer to help or steer way clear. On the reverse if some guy shows up with a Seitz or Pgun or Kgun, I like to watch and see if they can shoot up the the guns potential... Some can some cant.

I will say the biggest snobs Ive met are trapshooters. Usually old retired farts shooting in the mid to upper 20's, yet all used to be some kind of champion, and gossip more than any group of old bitties you'll ever meet.

Sporting clays shooters seem to be the most reasonable. I think its because a sadistic target setter can humble the best of shots and perfect scores are non existant.

For all you guys crowing about 23's, a skeet/ trap match actually starts after the first 100 straight. They guys that are really good humble us mere mortals...
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