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Thank you for accepting that it was added!

The original pledge was written by a Democratic Socialist. “Under God” was added by the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic Mens social organization of which my grandfather was an active member. I have his dress sword as an heirloom.

Congress made it permanent in 1954 because ... Cold War, godless commies, and I expect they reckon if they can make kids recite something every weekday they themselves don’t do every weekday, they will.

I’ve been privileged to teach some very smart, very funny teenagers.

At our school, it was the national anthem every day, chewing 3 minutes out of first hour Algebra. That’s 3 days of instruction time lost per year.

Anyways, three of my boys took to singing along with the National Anthem. They were not just singing it, they were belting it out. Top of their lungs, loud as they could, over time the developed some dance moves for their trio. Imagine if they had a free beer day at Wrigley Field- the boys made up in volume for their considerable lack of musical ability. I was highly amused. Kids were irritated. Kids in other rooms were irritated. Kids in the hall were irritated.

One day the principal walks in and asks to see me privately in the hall. There had been complaints.

“You want me to tell my boys they are singing the national Anthem too loudly?” I asked.
The principal thinks, then puts her face down in to her hand.
“How many days would we be in the national news for that?” She pondered.
“Kids are smart” I replied. “Give em credit.”

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