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I was in grammar school and junior high in the heyday of fallout shelters. Around here, they weren't in basements. They were free-standing bunkers, buried in the front or back yard, covered over with two to four feet of dirst, and with a filtered ventilation system that drew air from outside. In those days I mowed lawns for some people in town and I was given tours of some of their bunkers.

One of my high school classmates was the son of the owner of a company that made concrete septic tanks. I learned from him at a high school reunion just a few years ago that these fallout shelter bunkers were just modified and repurposed septic tanks.

I don't recall anyone being traumatized, either by the duck and cover drills in school or by the construction of bunkers in the yard. We were engaged in a standoff with Russia and both sides had nuclear bombs. That was reality. Back then people seemed to have a more pragmatic view of life. The notion of "safe spaces" and being allowed to live a life completely free of anything that might be remotely upsetting was several decades in the future. Back then, we accepted that a nuclear war might happen, and we prepared for it as well as possible. End of story.
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