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Back in my day, people spent a lot of money digging “fallout shelters” in their basements. People were genuinely afraid a nuclear holocaust was going to sweep over them, and it was not an irrational fear.

Were people traumatized by that? I expect they were. Look at today- people are terrified by democratic socialists. Never mind that is how Scandinavia runs, it has the word “socialist” in it and that leads people to think it’s communist because “USSR” and such ignorance is based out of fear.

Now, suppose they had a duck and cover drill, but to make it realistic they shut down power to the school simultaneously with an enormous flash outside. People would be washing out their pants afterwards.

People were traumatized by a radio program where they believed the world was being invaded by aliens. Some of us still wear tinfoil inside our hats, because it can’t hurt.

On a serious note, there is this fallacy that kids are born “tabula rasa”.. they are a blank slate and that anyone can pull themselves up by their bootstraps like a Horacio Alger story. The sad fact is it’s not true.

Some people are born on third base and think they hit a triple. “Born with a silver spoon in their mouth.”

I have known kids, exceptional kids. Kids really working far harder than any of their classmates but they came to school exhausted and hungry because their brother was shot in a gang shootout and was brought home at midnight, shot in the gut, bleeding all over the kitchen. The rest of the night was EMTs, ambulances, cops asking questions until 5am. Mom didn’t make breakfast, but that kid was in my math class.

If that kid freaks out in an active shooter drill and you think she’s a “snow flake” then I am happy you have been blessed with a nice safe childhood and have been insulated from what urban poverty can be like and have a nice day.
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