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John E.B. Rawton
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Thanks for the Words of Experience

I would like to take a moment to express my gratitude to all of you that have taken the time to post your experiences and words of wisdom here and other places. I have studied a lot of your opinions and decided who might be a sage and who might just be sayin’.
I never shot a cap gun until this past weekend and I must admit I was missing out on the fun. I was putting words into practice and after 120 shots in 4 guns the were running just as smooth on the last as the first. Spending the fall and winter filing, honing and fixing short arbors was key. I was able to run a brush and some dry patches down the bores and cylinders and the guns look as if they were never shot. If I thought I need water I’d do it but the tight cylinder clearance and powder-wad-grease under ball kept things clean.
So again, what did I do with my Ubertis
Disassembled 2 Walkers, 1 1860 and 1 1851.
Filed, honed, cleaned and set the timing.
Installed arbor spacers and wedge bearing screws.
Set the cylinder to barrel clearance.
Replaced the Uberti nipples.
Determined how I was going to load and what I was going to use.
Collected everything needed for a day at the range.
I would definitely promote shooting cap guns. It was cleaner than shooting traiboss cartridge rounds for sure.
Thanks again to All.
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