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During firearms training classes, I have had several instructors, that were LEO's, tell the class that the average self defense shooting happens within 3 yards, in about 3 seconds and requires about 3 rounds.

That is repeated often. No one can provide a basis for it.

Think about it: if you are shooting at someone within three yards, and he is moving toward you at anything grater than a yard and a half per second, how in the world could you fire three rounds?
I've heard those numbers as well. The first time was in the early 90s during my initial LEO firearms training. We were mid stream in the move from wheel guns to auto loaders. That MAY HAVE BEEN some old numbers from FBI stats related to LEO involved shootings. A majority of LEO involved shootings involve some sort of personal contact with someone at "talking distances" (3 or 4 yards). Those numbers would be too outdated for use today other than comparison, if they were even accurate when they were fresh. There have been too many changes (changes in firearms, changes in societal norms, etc.).
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