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Any pistol will cycle and shoot every load differently. That's why you have to try a box of as many brands as you can. However, I suspect 180's are just not enough to cycle the action.
Not sure I agree, my Glocks, Sigs and Colt 1911's eat anything from Blazer to Winchester White box. I bought two different brands of ammo to see about accuracy.

Yes, they can be picky about ammo, they usually run better with full power 240. The main thing about these is not to limp wrist them, they need a firm grasp and no two hand grip on the mag floor plate/base, it can cause feeding problems. Other than the misfeeds how did you do?
Gun is pretty accurate and I did try shooting with both a one handed and two handed grip. I cleaned it good tonight so I will give it another try. I am hoping to use my GoPro for a little fun shooting a Gallon of Water, Fire Ext, and a Cement Block. I am going to pick up a new magazine to see if that helps. The magazine I have is marked 3/98. The guns shows Israel Military Industries so it looks to be an older model.
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