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If I were to bet - I would think what will occur is:

1. Better funding and implementation of mental health records for NICS. Cho would have been caught if Virginia courts and the state were on their game.

2. Mandatory NICS for private sales at shows. That will move private sales away from these commercial venues.

Could be wrong - but bans of assault weapons (the name fight has been lost) and mag capacity bans will be fought off.

One interesting thing is that some strong antifolks - Obama and McCarthy both said that having guns to protect the home is legit. This is not the position of Biden, Schumer, Bloomers, Feinstein, etc.

Every progun statement should start by thanking those two for acknowledging the legitimacy of the SD argument from Heller and McDonald and now Posner's statements.

That might split the antis a bit on the solidarity of their position and take total bans off the table. It would start with some guns being legit.

However, I hope the NRA is smart enough to do more than rant.
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