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I'm in the mental health business.

Their are a growing number of violent/threatening "ill" young people.

Because these kids enjoy special privacy protections, the rest of us remain largely unaware of their "special needs" issues.

Schools bumble along with these kids until they graduate them and unleash them on the rest of us..... with no warnings or preparations.

The schools and parents mostly rationalize and make excuses for the violent behavior all along the way... just like the abused spouse who makes excuses for her abusing husband (often blaming herself).

We need to have the ability to identify these violent tendencies openly and early.

I don't care if you have a disease (that's private), or some special "label" for your mind and behavior...... go ahead and keep that private..... but if you have a history of behaving violently in spite of efforts to stop it, you need to be well known and heavily restricted.

With violence, we should not worry about whether it is a part of your "special syndrome" or illness. That should be public informatoin.
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