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For ONE, I wish they'd stop describing the AR-15 and an ASSAULT RIFLE, which it is NOT.
I wish people would stop calling Camaros and Mustangs sports cars. Ain't happening either.

The more rants I've read on FB during recent days, the more I'm convinced that the Assault Rifle terminology ship has sailed.

You're better off explaining the difference between full-auto and semi-auto, the fact that none of the recent mass shootings have involved full-auto weapons, the fact that plenty of law-abiding citizens own semi-autos- remarkably without anyone around them dying- and most importantly, that gun rights are a CIVIL RIGHTS issue and that the SCOTUS has shut the door on an outright ban on guns in common use, most likely INCLUDING semi-autos.

They can call it an assault rifle. They can call it a modern sporting rifle. They can call it Bob*, or a pink elephant. OK, real pink elephants might object when they learn that an FFL transfer is necessary to sell them to a nicer circus that's out of state, so I take that part back.

Tell them that the shooting really shocks you and your heart goes out to the families. You wish you could prevent things like that from happening. You wish the mass shootings would stop. However, banning assault rifles / modern sporting rifles / Bob* is not feasible, not effective, and lastly, not legally likely to stick.

*BobKSa, we like you. This is not about you. We realize you're not a gun. No hard feelings, kay?
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