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For ONE, I wish they'd stop describing the AR-15 and an ASSAULT RIFLE, which it is NOT.

These bozo, anti-gun politicians, most of which don't have an iota of firearms knowledge like Ms Feinstein, do not realize that an ASSAULT WEAPON is a SELECT-FIRE, MILITARY WEAPON? The AR-15 is nothing but a look-alike clone, semi-automatic rifle. It is NOT an assault weapon. Yet, every day the media refuses to call them out on this misinformation.

So why not ban all semi-automatic rifles?

The Second Amendment was written (and recently upheld by SCOTUS) that we are empowered to bear arms in potential defense to a tyrannical government.
And the AR-15 would be one of the weapons of choice for that job.

Need 30 rounds to hunt with/ Nope....

But if the goverment shows up at my door to confiscate my property by decree, there's gonna be a lot of bloodhshed. Hopefully, not mine.
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