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Surprise! In the state of Florida, NFA items are illegal unless properly registered with ATF. Therefore a LEO may request to see proof of your documentation. You can show him at the range or ATF can show him at the station, while you and your NFA items are "detained
Sorta like my perspective on the Conversation with LEO thread.

The VAST majority of LEO feel EXACTLY the same way. As in, "Why the heck should I have to interfere with someone exercising their rights?"

My first reaction when I hear the cheerful sound of automatic weapons is to drool profusely.

Unfortunately, in this State, it's something we don't hear too often. And, when we do, we have to ask (tactfully) the hard questions.

The bottom line remains thus: You do not have to show your NFA paperwork to anyone but an agent of the ATF.

I am not citing the wisdom of refusing to cooperate with your local LEO as ther are many other trumped up charges that can be leveled against you, but the fact remains that, if you are arrested for refusing to show paperwork, you have a great lawsuit for false arrest.

I would put it more in the vein of more bees with honey than vinegar. Plus, it seems that there isn't a epidemic of harrassment of NFA possessors

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