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a. If you are a convicted felon, no guns. Period. You should have kept your hand out of the cookie jar.
b. Keep the NICS check. It is a valuable means to tell if a prohibited person is buying guns.
c. Keep the DV disqualification. If you want to beat up your spouse, children, relatives or domestic partners, why should YOU have access to firearms?
Unfortunately, these can open up a can of worms.

I agree with them in the spirit in which they were intended, but, due to many perversions of the law, they have come to be widely abused.

(a) To wit: Parents' "A's" 18 year old son takes Parents' "B's" 17 year old daughter to the prom. They have sex after. Parents "B" find out, and are highly incensed that their innocent angel of a daughter (who, in all likelihood, has been having sex since she was 14) has been "violated" and press charges against Parents "A's " 18 year old son. (Don't scoff; It's happened.) Boy "A" is found guilty and is convicted of statutory rape, a FELONY.

Now, should HE be denied the ownership of a gun because of some slutty little tramp and naive, overzealous parents?

(By the way, that's just one example; There are many things that so many of us do each day that are felonies that we're not even aware of. And just to make it even more convoluted, if we have knowledge of someone that has committed a felony and don't report it, that's "misprision," also a felony. Get the point?)

(b) NICS checks are a good idea SO LONG AS ABSOLUTELY NO RECORDS ARE KEPT ONCE A PERSON HAS BEEN CLEARED. There have to be foolproof safeguards installed to prevent abuse of NICS checks. This one is waaaay to easy for susceptibility to governmental abuse.

(c) Once again, too many states have enacted DV laws that make an arrest mandatory of at least one person if they respond to a DV call. And too many of these have occurred when a spiteful spouse self inflicts a wound to make it look like an assault has occurred. (And I would tend to think it's usually the woman who does this, but I don't have any statistics for obvious reasons.)

Now: Let the flaming begin.

[Edit: I am not including true cases of DV in this post. There is NO excuse for a man hitting a women, EVER, or vice versa.}

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